Farmhouse table and chairs

how to mix & match chairs with your farmhouse table

Who loves the look of a farmhouse table? We do!

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If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest for some dining room inspiration I’m sure you’ve come across lots of gorgeous farmhouse tables. Farmhouse tables are simple and classic, and they effortlessly coordinate with almost any design aesthetic.

To show you just how versatile farmhouse tables can be we’ve created 5 completely different looks by simply swapping out the chairs, rug, and lighting in each.

Ready to see which style best fits your personality?

Fake Flower Arrangements – DIY

If you follow interior design trends or are sucked into the Wayfair and flash website phenomenon then I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend with fake flower arrangements. They’re everywhere!

We use fake flower arrangements all the time for our interior design and home staging business. Since we are always on the hunt for them we decided why not try our hand at making them?

4 inexpensive ways to make your own fake flower arrangements

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Interior Design Mood Board | July 4th | Outdoor Decor

mood board of the month

Happy Fourth of July! What better way to celebrate this holiday than by hosting an outdoor BBQ with family and friends while enjoying good food, fireworks, and laughs. Nothing says America quite like red, white, and blue. So, we’ve created a patriotic “mood board of the month” with the perfect outdoor decor to inspire your July 4th gatherings.

Outdoor Decor




Favorite Instagrams of the week

Where would we be if we didn’t draw inspiration from others?

Scrolling through other designer’s beautifully curated Instagram pages is one of my favorite things to do. It keeps me inspired and it helps get my own creativity flowing.

Check out our top 5 favorite Instagram posts of the week! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Summer Decor | Interior Design

Favorite finds for your home this Summer

Create an outdoor oasis and host your friends in style this year with some new summer decor.

There is nothing better than spending Summer nights grilling out and drinking cocktails on the deck with your favorite people. Make your house the go-to hangout spot by dressing up your patio with a few cute accessories.

summer decor

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Indoor/Outdoor Rug | Lumbar Pillow | String Lights | Serving Bowl | Garden Stool
Drink Towels | Copper Drink Tub | Wood Lanterns


Mood Board | Coastal Interior Design | June

Mood Board of the Month

Nothing says Summer more so than a calming blue color scheme and coastal decor.

We are spoiled living right on the coast in New England. Luckily as a designer, I get to indulge in lots of nautical design schemes. This is especially true in the summer when our clients are always looking to spruce up their beach homes and rentals.

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How to design a nursery

Tips for designing a nursery that will grow with your child

One of the many joys of welcoming a new baby is decorating the perfect nursery.
You want every little detail to be just right.

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Image via Washington Life

But, let’s face it. Babies grow so fast. Before you know it your infant will be a toddler. Then, all of a sudden you’ll have a preschooler who will have opinions of their own. If you don’t plan accordingly, their nursery, that you so lovingly poured your heart into, can outgrow your child almost as quick as their clothes!
Redesigning and redecorating at each stage of your child’s life can quickly become a daunting expense.

First things first, a nursery doesn’t have to be confined to a blue or pink color scheme. There are many ways to design a nursery that will last beyond diapers. Read on for 8 ways to design the perfect space that can grow with your child.

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There are countless options to consider when it comes to buying furniture. Most people begin their search with the basics in mind, style, comfort, and cost.

But, have you considered where your furniture is made? Or, what it is made out of? You may be familiar with the term- you get what you pay for. A lower price tag may indicate a poorly constructed piece of furniture or cheap materials. Fortunately, there seems to be a growing number of consumers that are concerned about what’s inside the products they’re bringing into their homes. And, the smart shoppers are looking for that American made label.



In the recent past, many furniture companies have moved their factories overseas due to labor costs. However, if you know where to look there is still plenty of manufacturing right here in America. I think American made furniture gives us all a sense of pride because of the many benefits that come from purchasing locally. A few key benefits include keeping jobs in the US as well as better quality products, and improved sustainability.


American made furniture

Searching for American made furniture can be a little overwhelming. So we’ve created a list of some of our go-to vendors.


High-Low Room | May

Get the look for less

Anytime we get the chance to play around with a few mood boards we stumble across a lot of items that are similar in style. What’s not always comparable are the prices!

So, is it worth it to buy the more expensive piece? Not always. A closer look at construction and quality will always give you a clear indication on which items are worth splurging on and which items you’d be better off with a less expensive look-alike.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 5.01.56 PM

High- Over $13k                                                                             Low- Under $6k

Take the rooms above as an example. The “high end” room comes with a price tag of $13,700. While the “low” budget option is closer to $5k. That’s a HUGE difference for such a similar look!

Read on, and we’ll show you piece by piece how the products compare to one another.