Who knew there were so many options for choosing a bathroom vanity? You have to consider if you want a wood stain or a paint color,  what style, width, countertop material, wall mount vs. freestanding, and the list goes on.

No wonder such a simple task feels so overwhelming! You may think custom is your only option or that you have to go to one of those big box stores to find something pre-built.
Luckily, there are SO many awesome ready-made bathroom vanities that you can order online!

To save you hours of pinning, saving, and never-ending searching…

we’ve rounded up 18 of our favorite ready-made bathroom vanities!

Most of them are complete with hardware and countertops. Just add a faucet! No matter what your budget is, we’ve got something for you!


Pre-built, ready to order bathroom vanities for every budget.

ready-made bathroom vanitiesc3

1. Benoist Vanity | 2. Classic Gray Vanity | 3. Savannah Vanity | 4. Madison Vanity

5. Malibu Vanity | 6. Pasadenas Vanity

Most of these vanities will offer countertop options so you can choose one that best fits your style.

ready-made bathroom vanities 21. Rishaan Vanity | 2. Devon Vanity | 3. Driftwood Vanity | 4. Raven Vanity

 5. Lillian Vanity | 6. Eviva Vanity

Design tip: Swapping out hardware is a simple and budget-friendly way to change the look of ready-made bathroom vanities. Don’t let little details like this hold you back from a purchase! Adding your own hardware to match the faucet you like can be a fun way to add your own personality!

ready-made bathroom vanities11. Aberdeen Vanity | 2. Newport Vanity | 3. Talisa Vanity | 4. Caroline Vanity

5. Leigh Vanity | 6. Wall Mounted Vanity

*Some of the prices reflected above are sale prices that were applicable when this blog post was written. Pricing may vary depending on promotions.

Which vanity are you digging? Personally, I am LOVING the Aberdeen vanity. Not only is the price amazing but it packs a big punch with style! Can’t ask for more at that price point! Now, if only I had a bathroom to re-do…

Comment below and tell us you’re favorite! We’d love to hear!

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  1. Jeri says:

    Great intel on ready made vanities! I used the Driftwood Vanity in a project – love it. So good to have this info when you’ve got tight turnaround times.

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